Friday, November 6, 2015

Running Records with Fluency Tutor

"A text is at a students' independent reading level if they can read it with about 95% accuracy."

~Marie Clay - "An Observation Survey of Early Literacy Achievement" (1993)

Running records are a little window into the world of our students. They allow us to understand how a student sees the words on the paper and their strengths and weaknesses with regards to vocabulary. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find time to sit with students one-to-one and listen to them read as often as you would like. 

Fluency Tutor is a free app available in the Chrome Webstore. This app syncs with your Google classroom and allows you to assign Lexile leveled reading assignments to your class. Texts are available through the app or you can use text from websites and Drive.  The great thing about this app is that students can record themselves reading the passage. The student and teacher interface is really easy to use. 

I tested this app with a class and the kids were really excited to be able to hear themselves read. Used on a regular basis, I can see how this program can be great for students. They get an opportunity to reflect on their own reading and hear for themselves how they can improve the way their reading sounds. For you as a teacher, it gives you the opportunity to hear every student read multiple times a week and take running records as needed. Students could also just as easily respond to a text instead of recording their actual reading.

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