Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Collecting Data Using Flubaroo

"Experts often possess more data than judgement."
~Colin Powell

Anyone anywhere near a classroom these days hears the word data more often than they would probably like. Some teachers have long defended their use of judgement to evaluate students. The reality is that whether we like to admit it or not our judgement is often flawed.  I am not saying a gut decision every once and a while is wrong, however, we should be using hard data regularly to guide our practice.

The trouble with data is without ways to easily collect it and analyze it, you end up with a pile of useless information. Fortunately, there are ways we can use technology within our classrooms to make collecting and analyzing data a little easier.  Some solutions require a little time to set-up in the beginning, but the investment pays off in the end. Today I will introduce you to one that can be easily incorporated with online quizzes.

Flubaroo is an Add-on to Google Sheets that automatically grades quizzes and provides data in an easy to use and analyze package. To use Flubaroo, you must first create a quiz in Google Forms. The responses get populated in a Sheet and then the Add-on can be run to score the quiz and provide data that is easy to analyze. Below are some resources to learn more about this Add-on.

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