Monday, May 9, 2011

Google Forms

Part of Google Docs is the ability to create web forms.  The forms can be used to create surveys, polls, gather information, and even give tests and quizzes.  The information submitted is automatically transfered into a spreadsheet.  You can also create a spreadsheet and have it converted into a form.
The forms are very easy to create and share.  The forms can be e-mailed, embedded in a webpage, or a link can be shared to the live form.  Below is video showing you how to create a quiz using forms.

One very easy way to use forms in the primary classroom is to record your milk counts.  Students go to a computer kiosk in your room and click which milk option they would prefer.  The results are automatically placed in a spreadsheet and can be tabulated using a simple sum equation.  You may be wondering how this helps your students.  It teaches your students that the computer can be used for a variety of purposes, not just games, and the results can be used as a math lesson.  Forms has a great feature that will show you the responses in a graph so that you can show students how the data looks in graphic form.  Try making a form and see how easy it is.

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