Monday, May 23, 2011

Back That Thang Up.

It's 8:45, you are in your classroom getting ready to print the report cards you worked on all night.  You pop in your flash drive, go to open the files and...wait a second, where did they go?  They were there last night.  I could have sworn I saved it to the drive, or did I?  Now what am I going to do?  They are due today!?

Has this ever happened to you?  
Are your afraid of this happening?  
Want to prevent this from happening?

     There are a few ways you can have better access to your documents while keeping them secure.  While there are many services available, I am mentioning two that are easy to integrate here at C-D.
     The first is Google Docs.  Google Docs allows you to upload files and folders and maintain their original file format.  It is not the easiest because you still have to upload from one computer and then download to another.  If you are uploading single document you can drag it from your documents folder and drop it into your Google documents list.  It does give you way to access important documents that you use occasionally.  I use this as a way to back-up (actually a 3rd back-up) of infrequently used files and high priority files.
      A more seamless solution to save your documents is to set up a Dropbox account.  Dropbox is pre-installed on our C-D accounts but does require you to create a free account.  It is easy to set-up once you do you can save your files directly to your Dropbox folder.  At home you download Dropbox to your own computer to access your files.  After the initial set-up, Dropbox is fairly seamless.  If you save a file to your Dropbox at school it is instantly available on your home computer.  Your basic Dropbox account gives you 2GB of storage free.  Clicking the link below will take to to the sign-up screen and give us both an extra 250MB.
     If you need help with either of these, please let me know.

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