Friday, April 8, 2011

Do you have Technophobia?

Does the thought of using technology in your classroom give you a headache? Stop. Take a breath. It doesn't have to be complicated. Technology is a great way to change up the routine and engage your students.  Make a goal to try something new every week, something small. Below is a list of some ideas that you can use this week that are simple to do:

-show a YouTube video to the class
-sign up for laptop cart and give the students time to play games.
-use a PowerPoint presentation to introduce a new topic.
-use Kidspiration to make a graphic organizer with the class
-let a student show you how to do something on the computer
-get the daily weather forecast online for morning meeting
-use Google Earth with your Flat Stanley project

Do you have a simple way to use technology? Post a comment to share with everyone.


Tammy said...

I've been projecting the Go Math! Animated models form ThinkCentral. These are awesome to introduce and sometimes reinforce certain skills. The kids really seem to be engaged with them. I also use YouTube sometimes to show cute or funny clips to grab kid's attention before we start a lesson. Thanks for the other ideas Chris! If anyone has a free resource for Powerpoint presentations that others have made, I would like to know it. The presentations take so long to create. I'm sure there are ready-made ones out there that can be shared. This would be especially helpful for science and social studies.

Mr. LaBarge said...

Thanks for the pointing out the Go Math! for people.

A great site with pre-made Power Point Presentations is