Thursday, March 31, 2011

Word Processing...?

How far behind do you feel with technology?  Many students, at all grade levels, are very comfortable using any technology.  How many of you have been walking through a grocery store and seen the 3 year old in the shopping cart playing on mom's iPhone?  That same kid will be in kindergarten in 2 years.  Are you ready to engage them?  Technology is a lot more than typing, playing games, and watching videos.  There are amazing ways to communicate, create, & collaborate.  I found a video showing just one feature of Google Docs that quite few students know how to use.  Did you even know it existed?  Word processing...?  Way more, check it out.

Monday, March 28, 2011


Are you overwhelmed by computers?  
Do you want to integrate more technology into your lessons?  
Do you want fun and exciting ways to motivate your students?


The purpose of this blog is to give real simple ways to use technology in your classroom.  You will receive a new idea every week and it will be made simple enough that you can try it within days.  My hope is that you can use these techniques to enhance your lessons and excite your students.

What is technology integration?

Technology integration is just what it says.  Technology integrated into other subject areas.  We have been told over the years that we should be integrating subjects like science and social studies with writing and reading.  You can, and should, do the same thing with technology.

Should we have a technology teacher?

Technology teachers, in my opinion, are a throwback to when computers in schools were at its infancy.  Technology teachers were needed because they were the only ones who even knew how to turn a computer on let alone use them in some way.  Todays students are what are called digital natives.  A digital native is a person who was born into the modern computer world and has grown up using technology.  Most of your students are probably more comfortable using a computer than you are.
With budget cuts and reduced staffing, teachers need to learn to harness technology technology within their own classrooms.